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Webinar: Drugs, Policy and Practice in Canada – Jan.20

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

#StimulusConnect Webinar #16: Thresholds and Necessity Trafficking

Thursday, January 20, 1pm

From Stimulus:

"Drug Decriminalization Done Right: A Rights-Based Path for Drug Policy" was released to the public in December 2021. Since its release, many additional individuals and organizations have endorsed it with a similar vision for drug policy reform within Canada. It has become clear that we need to talk more about 'thresholds and necessity trafficking'...Why are these topics so misunderstood to larger Canada but are imperative people who use drugs and allies? Answer: Canadians do not understand and/or know enough about these topics.

Our expert panel intends to inform you as to how they preserve life rather than feeding the war on drugs and answer all of your burning questions. Please join as we Connect.

Stimulus is a program of CAPU and CDPC and by registering for Stimulus Connect you have consented to receive future email communications from CDPC.



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