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Affordability Committee – Wednesday, April 5, 2023, 6pm

Updated: Jan 6

Two Public Meetings for development applications in Wards 7 & 8

Meeting Location: Council Chambers

📝📑 Advisory Committee Reports

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🗣️🏙️ Public Meetings

  • The Public Meetings are now being held in person OR by electronic participation.

  • If you wish to provide oral comments electronically, please register in advance by emailing: or calling 705-739-4220 x5500 during regular office hours prior to 12pm on the day of the meeting

  • Once you register, you will be provided information from the Legislative Services Branch on how to make your submission at the Virtual Public Meeting. To participate in the Virtual Planning Meeting virtually, you will need access to a computer with internet service or a telephone.

  • If you decide to speak after the meeting has started, you need to email or call 705-797-5353.

🗣️🏘️ 320 & 364 Mapleview Drive West, 664, 674 & 692 Essa Road (Ward 7)

  • Public Meeting Notice:

  • Presentation:

  • Staff Memo:

  • Correspondence:

  • Applications for an Official Plan Amendment, Zoning Bylaw Amendments, and Draft Plan of Subdivision

  • Proposal to permit a mix of land uses, including medium and high density residential, commercial and institutional uses

  • Application submitted by IBI Group on behalf of Pearl Builders

  • Official Plan Amendment: proposing an Employment Land Conversion to redesignate the lands from "General Industrial" and "General Commercial" to "Residential", "Environmental Protection" and "Open Space".

  • Zoning Bylaw Amendment: seeking to amend zoning from "Light Industrial" (LI) and "General Commercial" (C4) to "Residential Multiple Dwelling Second Density - Special Provisions" (RM2 SP-XXX), "Mixed Use Corridor - Special Provisions" (MU2 SP-XXX), Open Space (OS) and Environmental Protection (EP)

  • Draft Plan of Subdivision: creating two Mixed Use blocks which would be developed through Site Plan Control, along with two Open Space blocks and an Environmental Protection block which would be conveyed to the City

    • Mixed Use blocks on northern & southern portions of site, Open Space and Environmental Protection blocks in the central portion

  • Northern Mixed-Use Block: 464 residential units of 3-4 storeys (55 townhouse units, 390 back-to-back townhouse units, 19 live-work units), outdoor amenity areas and 679 parking spaces

  • Southern Mixed-Use Block: 4 mid-rise mixed-use buildings, 6-12 storeys, with 753 residential units, 2600 square metres of retail space, 800 square metres of library / community use space

  • Environmental Protection and Open Space Blocks include and provide a buffer to the Bear Creek corridor

  • Special Provisions for North Block (RM2):

    • increase density to 93 units per hectare for stacked/street/block townhouse units collectively (currently 40 u/h for block/cluster townhouse units, and 53 u/h for stacked townhouse units)

    • decrease front yard setback to 6m (currently 7m)

    • reduce landscaped open space to 12% of lot area (currently 35%)

    • increase gross floor area to 70% of lot area (currently 60%)

    • increase building height to 15m / 4 storeys (currently 10m)

    • keep current parking ratio of 1.5 spaces per unit for the live-work units, but reduce to 1.25 space per unit for the townhouses

  • Special Provisions for South Block (MU1):

    • increase front yard setback to max. 15m (currently min. 1m for 75% of the frontage, max 5m for 25% of the frontage)

    • reduce front facade step-back to 0m and eliminate 45-degree angular plane requirement (currently min. 45-degree angular plane at height above 80% equivalent of the right-of-way using 3m step-backs)

    • reduce rear facade stepback to 0m and eliminate 45-degree angular plane requirement (currently min. 45-degree angular plane above 7.5m using minimum 3m step-backs)

    • reduce coverage for commercial uses to 40% of first floor area (currently min.50%)

    • increase building height to 45m / 12 storeys (currently 25.5m / 8 storeys)

    • keep parking ratio of 1 space per unit for residential, but reduce to 1 space per 30 square metres of gross floor area for commercial uses (currently 1 space per 24 square metres)

🗣️🏘️ 175 & 199 Essa Road, 50 Wood Street (Ward 8)



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