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Arts Advisory Committee – Tuesday, December 21, 2021, 10am

Updated: Jan 6

đŸ‘„âœ… Committee Mandate / Strategic Priorities

  • Mandate discussed, some changes made

  • Discussed the distinction between an advisory group and a lobbying group, as well as the Committee's role

  • Provided suggestions on potential items for strategic priorities – further discussions deferred to next meeting.

Committee voted in favour of the amended mandate to be put before Council, CARRIED

  • adding "To advise City Council and staff on all matters regarding the arts and culture in the City of Barrie

  • adding that the Terms of Reference replace the items in Section 3 with objectives "To ensure that arts and culture is appropriately represented in City plans, policy initiatives, infrastructure projects, and budgets, wherever and whenever possible. This undertaking has at its purpose, the development of the City of Barrie as a vibrant, unique, and diverse centre for the arts."

đŸŽ­đŸŽ« Reopening of Georgian Theatre

  • Council has approved the budget for the reopening of the Georgian Theatre, subject to COVID-19 restrictions

  • Deferred to next meeting

đŸŽ­đŸŽ« Performing Arts Centre Task Force Presentation – January

  • Task Force has been working since the summer, preparing a presentation for Council in January on what the theatre should include, public survey results, and fundraising ideas.

  • Further discussion on the Task Force, the presentation contents, what concerns Council may have, and if the Committee can provide any support

đŸŽ­đŸŽ« New Performing Arts Centre Update

  • Riepma shared info about budget allotment approved by Council – his expectation is that Council will give staff direction to proceed and to report back to Council with a TOR for the architect, suggestions for a steering committee, and how to implement the recommendations of the Task Force. Outlined some of the recommendations of the Task Force, such as seating in both the main and orchestra levels, a second theatre, a fly tower, stage size, a multi-purpose room, and backstage requirements

💰📈 Barrie Budget – Arts and Culture 2022

  • Staff report was put before Council in November re: implementation of the Cultural Grant Program, now know as the Arts & Cultural Investment Fund – staff made a recommendation for an annual contribution as part of the operating cost for 2022.

  • An online application process has been launched, closes January 31

  • Due to COVID-19 there has been a delayed return to performance – staff requested additional funding for support due to reduced audience size, and Council accepted.

  • Standard budgeted funding was approved, continued funding for the Arts Awards Program, Public Arts Piece, and Cultural Development Portfolio



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