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At Issue: A harassment at City Hall

Barrie Community Media's interview with three core members of Engage Barrie – Victoria Butler, Shannon Murree and Alyssa Wright – about the Workplace Harassment Case at City Hall.

An unnamed City Councillor has been accused – as substantiated by a CUPE investigation, as well as a third-party investigation the City hired – of workplace harassment against a city employee.

For more background, please read the posts included in our blog:

For the City's press release about the matter, visit

From Barrie Community Media:

Last year, Barrie city hall launched an investigation into a workplace incident involving a city councillor and a city hall employee.

After a series of closed-door meetings, the council voted to "not extend the time permitted for a complaint to be submitted to the Integrity Commissioner beyond the timeline specified within the Code of Conduct. Also that night, General Committee voted on a motion to receive legal advice on the matter. While that motion at General Committee was also not passed, a revised motion was unanimously passed at City Council on October 26th to seek legal advice to continue the process."

In this week's At Issue Interview, Sam speaks with three people with unique perspectives on the case. Alyssa Wright is part of Engage Barrie, a civic action group. Shannon Murree is a local realtor with extensive HR and activism experience. Victoria Butler is Barrie's poet laureate, the editor of The Northern Appeal, and a former city hall employee.



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