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Barrie and the Urban Revolution (November 9 & 16)

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

(Please note, this is not an event organized by Engage Barrie, we're just passing along the info from Third Age Barrie, since it is likely of interest to our members.)

Third Age Barrie presents "Barrie and the Urban Revolution", a 2-part series, livestreamed on Zoom, Tuesdays, November 9 & 16, 1:30-3:30pm. Tickets are $25. To register, please visit (If you are unable to make that timeslot, the series will be recorded and available to registrants for a limited time.)

How are cities, including Barrie, enabling people to collaborate in building a better future?

Several presenters in TAB’s Spring 2021 series, Crisis = Danger + Opportunity, focused on ways that cities are increasingly becoming leaders in pandemic recovery efforts, in coping with climate change, and, as Neetika Sathe put it, in enabling people “to collaborate in order to build a better future.” TAB’s upcoming series, Barrie and the Urban Revolution, features Barrie’s Mayor, Jeff Lehman, and Barrie’s Director of Development Services, Michelle Banfield. Do join us to explore how this global leadership change is working right here and now.

November 9: Designing the City of the Future

Presenter: Jeff Lehman, Mayor, City of Barrie

With more and more of our lives moving online, economic and political polarization dividing us further, and climate change driving new physical resilience challenges, the importance of designing cities for human resilience has become more urgent. Rethinking streets and public spaces is one important aspect, but human-centred design goes well beyond physical design to the need to design systems, institutions, and organizations with resilience to meet fast-arriving challenges in our cities. Mayor Lehman will provide the “big picture” as to how urban planning and urban design is part of a much broader confluence of policy, projects, and people – which will shape our future.

November 16: Building Excitement: Planning for Growth at the City of Barrie

Presenter: Michelle Banfield, RPP, Director of Development Services, City of Barrie

Barrie’s Director of Development Services, Michelle Banfield, RPP, will discuss all of the elements of planning and community building for Barrie’s future as the City prepares to become home to approximately 298,000 people over the next 30 years. We want to make sure we have all of the pieces in place that lead to successful growth and amazing, inclusive places and spaces. These include good jobs, affordable housing, a great downtown, fantastic retail and service uses, transportation options as well as incredible natural areas and open spaces.


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