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Circulation List for May 22, 2024

Updated: May 25

City seeking public feedback on Infrastructure Master Plans, City services on the long weekend, and a reminder of City bylaws

📑📊 Staff Memos

  • Nil

👥📃 Committee Agendas

  • Nil

✍️📨 Correspondence

❓🙋 Feedback on Infrastructure Master Plans

🚐📋 Transportation Master Plan

🚽📋 Wastewater Master Plan

🚰📋 Water Master Plan

📆🤷 Victoria Day Weekend - Affected Services

👮🧑‍⚖️ City Bylaws

⏳➕ Late Additions

🧑‍⚖️🚏 Potential Litigation Matter - Barrie Transit

  • Confidential memo from B. Forsyth, Director of Transit and Parking

A colourful pile of documents, envelopes and letters.



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