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Barrie's Homeless Policy Ignites Global Outrage: The UN Takes Notice, and an Expert Panel Weighs In

Three Engage Barrie Organization members spoke with Barrie Community Media for a panel discussion on the City of Barrie's contentious approach to homelessness.

After City Council's Direct Motion Without Notice on May 17, the overwhelming local and national outcry that saw the resulting Bills 67 & 68 referred back to staff, much miscommunication on the motion and the bills, and the City's mis-attributing their anti-panhandling signs to CanadaHelps, the City of Barrie finds itself under global scrutiny once again.

In response to a UN request for information on legislations and policies that unfairly target individuals living in poverty and experiencing homelessness, the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition furnished a comprehensive report pointing to Barrie’s anti-homelessness policies. Yet City Council shows no sign of backing down on or correcting directions to staff – leaving City Staff stuck with the choice of whether to go against Council direction or against International Law.

EBO Board member Alyssa Wright and Contributing Members Michael Speers and Jennifer van Gennip (also with Redwood Park Communities) spoke with BCM's Deepak Bidwai, to shed some light on the developments that brought the City to this juncture, and suggest more inclusive alternatives for a harmonious community.

Head over to Barrie Community Media for the full panel discussion.



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