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City Building Committee, Tues., Sept.21, 2021, 6pm

Updated: Jan 6

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♻️♲ Presentation: Changes to Ontario’s Blue Box Regulations and City of Barrie Transition Update

  • Presentation:

📃🏰 Heritage Barrie Committee

  • Report, June 9:

🏰🏘 Recommendation: Heritage Conservation Districts

  • That staff investigate the feasibility and costs associated with conducting a study re: the establishment of Heritage Conservation Districts

🚲👟 Active Transportation and Sustainability Committee

  • Report, July 6:

👟 Recommendation: Review of CIP Planning Active Transportation Webinar

  • That staff provide links to webinars from the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals and, if necessary, purchase an annual advocate membership

💨 Recommendation: Letter of Support - Zero Emissions Vehicle Awareness Initiatives

  • Provide a letter of support for Living Green Barrie in their funding application to the Natural Resources Canada’s Zero Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative

🌼🌻 Communities in Bloom Committee

  • Report, July 15:

  • Report, August 19:

🚲👟 Active Transportation and Sustainability Committee

  • Report, September 7:

🌳 Recommendation: Single Tree Bylaw Update

  • That the Single Tree Bylaw investigation include an evaluation of best practices from other municipalities, the potential for a more comprehensive approach to mature tree protection beyond excavation and construction, and a public and stakeholder consultation process

🛣 Recommendation: Sunnidale Road Overpass

  • That staff consult with the MTO Sunnidale Road Project Team to determine the project and cost implications of upgrading the proposed active transportation infrastructure to include sidewalks on both sides, as well as separated cycling facilities

📃🏰 Heritage Barrie Committee

  • Report, September 8:

🏡 Recommendation: Municipal Heritage Register - 84 Cumberland Street and 125 Toronto Street

  • That 84 Cumberland St. and 125 Toronto St. be added to the Municipal Heritage Register as listed properties



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