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City Council – Monday, February 14, 2022, 7pm

Updated: Jan 5

Recognition of the recipients of the 2021 Heritage Barrie Awards, Special Recognition of Shelter Workers, plus a deputation on the City of Barrie Official Plan. And, assuming all goes well, approval of the Market Precinct Task Force recommendations, and of the New Official Plan!

📜📜 Confirmation of the Minutes

🏆🏅 2021 Heritage Barrie Awards

🙏🛏 Special Recognition of Shelter Workers and the Emergency Shelter and Homelessness Service Recognition Week held Jan.25-31

  • Sarah Peddle, David Busby Centre

  • Major Steph Salvation Army Bayside Mission (unable to attend, busy working!)

  • Sarah Tilley, Gilbert Centre

  • Lucy Gowers, Youth Haven

  • Meaghan Chambers, Elizabeth Fry Society

  • Suzanna McCarthy, John Howard Society

🗣🎙 Deputations

  • Emergency Deputation request by Cathy Colebatch re: New Official Plan

    • APPROVED unanimously

🗺📋 Proposed City of Barrie Official Plan and Municipal Comprehensive Review

💸📑 Tax Applications

📝🏘 Planning Committee Report

  • RECEIVED unanimously

🗣🏙 Public Meeting – 571 Huronia Road (Ward 9)

🗣🏙 Public Meeting – 460 Lockhart Road (Ward 9)

🗣🏙 Public Meeting – 560 Lockhart Road (Ward 9)

📝📄 General Committee Report

Section A

  • RECEIVED unanimously

💰📊 Finance and Corporate Services Report

Section B

  • APPROVED unanimously

🌊💰 Stormwater Climate Action Fund

  • Implement a Stormwater Climate Action Fund (SWCAF) in 2023, to pay for the City's operating and capital stormwater infrastructure

  • Adopt the proposed Stormwater Climate Action Fund Program Policy, and the Stormwater Climate Action Fund Credit Policy

  • Update the water and wastewater billing software, funded from the existing SWCAF

  • Create 2 new positions starting May 1, 2022 – Dedicated Program Coordinator, and Dedicated Financial Billing Analyst

🚏🚌 Transit Service Guidelines

⚖️🦹 2021 Q4 Internal Audit Status Report, 2021 Fraud and Wrongdoing Program Activity, 2021 Summary of Internal Audit Activity, and 2022 Internal Audit Work Plan

🤫🏦 Confidential Financial Information Supplied In Confidence to the Municipality

  • Confidential financial information supplied in confidence to the municipality, which if disclosed could reasonably be expected to interfere significantly with the contractual or other negotiations of the organization matter – Affordable Housing.

⛹️🤼 Recreation and Sport Community Grant Program – Guidelines Approval

👨‍👨‍👧‍👧👩‍👧‍👦 Invitation to Present – Barrie Families Unite

  • Invite Barrie Families Unite to give a presentation to General Committee with an overview of the services provided, and update on collaboration initiatives with other agencies in Barrie, and an outline of future plans.

🔔📣 Town Crier – Extension of Appointment

  • Extend Steve Travers's appointment as Town Crier from November 14, 2022 to December 31, 2022

Section C

  • RECEIVED unanimously

🥦🛍 Market Precinct Task Force Update

Section D

🥦🛍 Market Precinct Task Force

📝🏘 Planning Committee Report

Section A

🗺📋 Proposed City of Barrie Official Plan and Municipal Comprehensive Review (Part 1 – Affordable Housing)

  • Amend the proposed City of Barrie Official Plan 2051, by replacing the following sections:

    • 6.4.2 Affordable Housing

    • e) iv) All new residential development and redevelopment in Medium Density and High Density land use designations shall provide 15% of their housing units as affordable, in accordance with policy 2.5(I), unless a greater percentage is required as per the applicable policies in Section 23, across a range of unit sizes, including three-bedroom units or larger

    • 2.5 General Land Use Policies

    • I) The City will require the provision of a minimum of 15% of all new housing units each year to be affordable housing, as per the policies in Section 6.4.2 of this Plan. The City will be guided by provincial direction and the City's Affordable Housing Strategy to implement this affordable housing target.

  • (i.e., increase the affordable housing target from 10% to 15% in new builds)

  • Morales declared real and direct pecuniary interest on this Section, left the meeting

  • APPROVED unanimously, by all voting (ABSTAINED: Morales)

  • McCann then said he wanted to speak on the amendment (after the vote), was against the 15%, wanted staff to investigate – Banfield confirmed there are around 19,000 units approved that have not yet been built, various timing and reasons for all; concerned about taxing developers (Lehman later explained this isn't what the motion is about); concerned about new immigrants causing housing issues

  • MOTION (as already approved) once again APPROVED unanimously (ABSTAINED: Morales)

Section B

🗺📋 Proposed City of Barrie Official Plan and Municipal Comprehensive Review (Part 2)

  • Approve the new Official Plan

  • Accept and endorse the municipal comprehensive review

    • Growth Plan Conformity Chart

    • Land Needs Assessments

    • Municipal Comprehensive Review Report

  • Acknowledge that the process has been completed as required, public consultation is over

  • Staff is to prepare a package to deliver to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing for approval

  • Amendment by Riepma / Kungl:

    • In paragraph g, delete the words "on streets classified on Map 4b as collector or arterial streets, or fronting"

    • Morales declared real and direct pecuniary interest on this Amendment, left the meeting

    • AMENDMENT DEFEATED (FOR: Riepma, Kungl, Ward, Harvey; AGAINST: Aylwin, Thomson, N.Harris, J.Harris, McCann; ABSTAINED: Morales)

  • Amendment by McCann / Harvey:

    • add to paragraph 1: "That, on Appendix 2 of the Official Plan, the area of Phase 3 East be absorbed into the existing Phase 2 East, and that the area of Phase 4 East be renamed Phase 3 East.

    • AMENDMENT CARRIED, unanimously

  • Amendment by Harvey / Kungl:

    • In section, Development Policies, paragraph (a), to delete and replace the following: "unless otherwise specified in this plan, development on lands designated Neighbourhood Area shall be kept at three storeys or less, unless otherwise specified in the Zoning Bylaw, and in which case shall be no more than four storeys"

    • Add the following paragraph to Section, Development Policies, section (e): "New development in the designated greenfield areas, as shown by the Phasing Plan on Appendix 2, may be permitted up to twelve storeys where 1) the lands are comprehensively planned through an Official Plan Amendment, a Draft Plan of Subdivision, a Draft Plan of Condominium, or a Secondary Plan to accommodate buildings of up to twelve storeys; 2) the lands front on to and are oriented toward an arterial or collector street, as identified in Map 4b, or are accessed by a private road that is connected to an arterial or collector street; 3) appropriate transitions from lands planned for and occupied by ground-related built forms can be achieved, as per Section 3, Policies of this Plan; and 4) servicing availability can be confirmed by the City.

    • Morales again declared a real and direct pecuniary interest on first section, left meeting

    • Thomson offered an Amendment to the Amendment, That section (a) replace the reference to the three storey in Harvey's amendment, and add "or arterial" after the words "onto a local", with the remainder of the paragraph staying the same, and in (b) that the word "arterial" be removed, and the following words be added at the end of the paragraph, "with the exception of a section of Mapleview Road from Townline to Essa, or unless otherwise specified." Specified arterial roads are most suited for density - shouldn't interfere with the form built on arterial roads, would like to leave them off the amendment. AMENDMENT to the AMENDMENT (first paragraph) carried unanimously, by all voting (ABSTAINED: Morales)

    • AMENDMENT as AMENDED (i.e., just the 1st paragraph now) CARRIED (FOR: Riepma, Kungl, Ward, Thomson, Harvey, J.Harris, McCann, Lehman; AGAINST: Aylwin, N.Harris; ABSTAINED: Morales)

    • AMENDMENT, 2nd paragraph CARRIED unanimously

  • Amendment by Harvey / McCann:

    • Add to paragraph one: "That Map 2 be amended to extend the Commercial District to the west side of Bryne Drive."

    • AMENDMENT CARRIED unanimously

  • Amendment by Morales / Aylwin:

    • That Map 5 be amended to reduce the Bradford Street cross-section right-of-way protection to 22m.

    • Lehman suggested Council not debate this before we know the outcome of the Bradford Street E.A., and instead refer it to Planning Committee.

    • Moved by Morales / Aylwin to amend with a referral motion


    • MOTION AS AMENDED CARRIED unanimously (i.e., motion will go in front of Planning Committee at a later date)

  • CARRIED unanimously by all voting (ABSTAINED: Morales)

Section C

  • Morales declared a real and direct pecuniary interest and did not attend the vote

  • RECEIVED unanimously by all voting (ABSTAINED: Morales)

🗣🏙 Public Meeting – 189, 191, 195 and 197 Duckworth Street (Ward 1)

Motion Without Notice

  • To fill a vacancy on the Downtown BIA Board

  • All in favour of the Procedural Motion (2/3 vote required to hear a Motion Without Notice)

  • Motion by Morales / J.Harris that Victoria Butler be appointed to the Downtown Barrie BIA Board, for the remainder of the term, ending November 14, 2022.

  • MOTION CARRIED unanimously

📜📜 Bylaws

Bill 009 – Zoning Bylaw Amendment for 407-419 Mapleview Drive West

Bill 010 – Confirmation Bylaw


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