City Council – Monday, February 14, 7pm

Updated: Nov 18

Recognition of the recipients of the 2021 Heritage Barrie Awards, Special Recognition of Shelter Workers, plus a deputation on the City of Barrie Official Plan. And, assuming all goes well, approval of the Market Precinct Task Force recommendations, and of the New Official Plan!


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📜📜 Confirmation of the Minutes

🏆🏅 2021 Heritage Barrie Awards

🙏🛏 Special Recognition of Shelter Workers and the Emergency Shelter and Homelessness Service Recognition Week held Jan.25-31

  • Sarah Peddle, David Busby Centre

  • Major Steph Salvation Army Bayside Mission (unable to attend, busy working!)

  • Sarah Tilley, Gilbert Centre

  • Lucy Gowers, Youth Haven

  • Meaghan Chambers, Elizabeth Fry Society

  • Suzanna McCarthy, John Howard Society

🗣🎙 Deputations

  • Emergency Deputation request by Cathy Colebatch re: New Official Plan

  • APPROVED unanimously

🗺📋 Proposed City of Barrie Official Plan and Municipal Comprehensive Review

💸📑 Tax Applications

📝🏘 Planning Committee Report

  • RECEIVED unanimously

🗣🏙 Public Meeting – 571 Huronia Road (Ward 9)

🗣🏙 Public Meeting – 460 Lockhart Road (Ward 9)

🗣🏙 Public Meeting – 560 Lockhart Road (Ward 9)

📝📄 General Committee Report

Section A

  • RECEIVED unanimously

💰📊 Finance and Corporate Services Report

Section B

  • APPROVED unanimously

🌊💰 Stormwater Climate Action Fund

  • Final Report:

  • Implement a Stormwater Climate Action Fund (SWCAF) in 2023, to pay for the City's operating and capital stormwater infrastructure

  • Adopt the proposed Stormwater Climate Action Fund Program Policy, and the Stormwater Climate Action Fund Credit Policy

  • Update the water and wastewater billing software, funded from the existing SWCAF

  • Create 2 new positions starting May 1, 2022 – Dedicated Program Coordinator, and Dedicated Financial Billing Analyst

🚏🚌 Transit Service Guidelines

⚖️🦹 2021 Q4 Internal Audit Status Report, 2021 Fraud and Wrongdoing Program Activity, 2021 Summary of Internal Audit Activity, and 2022 Internal Audit Work Plan

🤫🏦 Confidential Financial Information Supplied In Confidence to the Municipality

  • Confidential financial information supplied in confidence to the municipality, which if disclosed could reasonably be expected to interfere significantly with the contractual or other negotiations of the organization matter – Affordable Housing.

⛹️🤼 Recreation and Sport Community Grant Program – Guidelines Approval

👨‍👨‍👧‍👧👩‍👧‍👦 Invitation to Present – Barrie Families Unite

  • Invite Barrie Families Unite to give a presentation to General Committee with an overview of the services provided, and update on collaboration initiatives with other agencies in Barrie, and an outline of future plans.

🔔📣 Town Crier – Extension of Appointment

  • Extend Steve Travers's appointment as Town Crier from November 14, 2022 to December 31, 2022

Section C

  • RECEIVED unanimously

🥦🛍 Market Precinct Task Force Update

Section D

🥦🛍 Market Precinct Task Force

📝🏘 Planning Committee Report