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City Council, Monday, Sept.20, 2021, 7pm

Updated: Jan 5

The first City Council meeting of the new season!

📜📜 Confirmation of the Minutes

💸📑 Tax Applications

📝📄 General Committee Report

  • Report:

Section A

  • 👩‍🎨🖥 Agreement with Siva Creative

    • Make an agreement with Siva Creative to provide free website and promotional support to the Anti-Racism Task Force

  • 🎓👩‍🏫 Invitation for Presentation - Georgian College

    • Invite representatives of Georgian College to City Council on October 25 to provide a presentation concerning their operations.

  • 📈📑 Business Plan Status (as of June 30, 2021)

    • Staff Report:

    • To receive the report

Section B

  • 🚂🎨 Restoration and Donation of Historic Train

    • Staff Report:

    • To refer this item back to staff to provide a cost benefit analysis for locating Enging 1531 at the Allandale Station or in the vicinity of the Southshore Centre versus the County of Simcoe Museum, and consult with the Heritage Barrie Committee and report back prior to the 2023 Budget and Business Plan.

Section C

  • 🏨💵 MAT Collection Agreement Renewal

    • Staff Report:

    • That Tourism Barrie continue to be the collection agent for the Municipal Accommodation Tax, and continue to receive 50% of the MAT for a renewable 2-year period

    • That Tourism Barrie be provided a flat rate of $35,000 annually.

Section D

  • 🏖🎭 Tourism Master Plan - Implementation Program

    • Staff Report:

    • To receive the Implementation Program for the Tourism Master Plan

    • That staff report back on the progress as part of the Economic and Creative Development Department’s Performance and Budget Reporting

Section E

  • 💸🦹‍♀️ Payday Loan Establishments on Dunlop St.

    • Ask staff to investigate the feasibility of licensing payday loan establishments under the General Business Licensing Bylaw to restrict the number and concentration of these businesses throughout the city.

    • Ask staff to review the current minimum separation distance provisions for the uses of tattoo parlours, body piercing parlours, pawn shops and payday loan establishments, as part of the Zoning Bylaw review

✍️✉️ Letter of Support - MaRS Smart Cities Centre application to Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Municipal Fund

  • Direct Motion, Lehman/Thomson

  • That the Mayor’s Office provide a letter of support for the MaRS Smart Cities Centre’s applicaton to the FCM’s Green Municipal Fund to undertake a feasibility study for a Municipal Infrastructure Investment Fund

🏘🏙 Presentation: Ontarians On The Move

  • Presentation by Dr. Mike Moffatt re: housing and marketing dynamics


📜📜 Bylaws

Bill 074

  • Condominium Exemption, 10-20 Little Lake Drive


Bill 075

  • Barrie Heritage Phase IV - 759 Yonge Street - Fairlane Avenue


Bill 076

  • Barrie Heritage Phase IV - 759 Yonge Street - Turnberry Lane


Bill 077

  • Barrie Heritage Phase IV - 759 Yonge Street - Evergreen Terrace


Bill 078

  • Barrie Heritage Phase IV - 759 Yonge Street - Westwood Avenue


Bill 079

  • Barrie Heritage Phase IV - 759 Yonge Street - Gateland Drive


Bill 080

  • 363 Duckworth Street


Bill 081

  • Appointments to the Committee of Adjustment, Arts Advisory Committee and Council Compensation Review Committee


Bill 082


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