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Council Expenses Since 2014

Thanks so much to Brandon Rhéal Amyot for putting this chart together – we appreciate all their hard work!

Brandon Rhéal Amyot, founding member

So, based on a post from [another founding member] yesterday I began compiling our city council's expenses since 2014. While I am still working on some analysis, and adding more information, what's available here raises some questions. Feel free to take a look. In here you'll find what each councillor expensed for the year (incl. link to sources), the average councillor's expense, and who spend the most and the least each year.

Some questions I have still:

  1. Do constituents see improved returns (i.e. engagement) when their councillor spends more?

  2. Is there a significant connection between ward population and the amount a councillor expenses?

  3. Removing conferences and professional development, how much is spent on advertising (i.e. magnets, social media ads, cards)?

[Editor's note: For both 2018 & 2019, Morales spent the most, Shipley the least – Morales has spent the most for four years in a row, whereas Shipley has spent the least for 3 years (with one year separating them)]



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