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Council Follow-up, week of January 30, 2023

Updated: Jan 6

The first meeting of the Infrastructure and Community Investment Committee, the Bill 23 Municipal Housing Pledge, and Service Partners' budget request presentations to Council.

General Committee

This was a very quick meeting, tucked in between the Infrastructure and Community Investment Committee, and City Council.

The main focus was the Bill 23 Municipal Housing Pledge. No changes were made to the motion, but the Mayor asked for it to be held for discussion. He wanted to emphasize that the City wasn't really being given a choice about signing this pledge, and to stress that the City can't commit to building anything (since the City doesn't build housing), but could only commit to permitting those who applied to build housing (so if nobody applies, there's not much the City can do, either).

It looks like they were expecting longer debate on this issue, as they'd scheduled a "carry over" feed for after City Council, but this extra time was not needed, and the meeting finished quite early.

City Council

The "main feature" of this meeting was the budget request presentations from the Barrie Police Service, Barrie Public Library, and County of Simcoe. It was predictably disappointing to note the differences in type and tone of the questions (not to mention statements disguised as questions) given to each organization from certain Councillors, as well as the (inversely proportional) differences in detail and justification provided by each service partner.

For reference:

Barrie Police Service

Barrie Public Library

County of Simcoe

Infrastructure and Community Investment Committee

Most of this meeting was held in camera, other than a presentation on Capital Project Prioritization and the 2023-2032 Capital Plan, given by Kelly Oakley (Associate Director of Corporate Asset Management) and Rick Pews (Director of Corporate Facilities). It gave the Committee (and the public) an overview of how the City prioritizes its capital projects and spending, and what investments and projects are currently in or not in the capital plan.



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