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Council Follow-up, week of November 21

The new term of Council gets down to work!

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General Committee


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Engage's Summary:

Most items passed on consent – including the appointment of Councillor Thomson as Deputy Mayor.

Craig Millar, Chief Financial Officer and Kelan Jylha, Manager of Tax and Revenue gave a presentation on the Stormwater Climate Action Fund. This included some background on the project (history, definitions and objectives), as well as the new funding model that will be coming in next year.

There were only two items held. The first was the street names for the Mattamy Homes subdivision in Ward 9, held by Morales – he made no changes, but indicated he might be making changes at Council next week, so wanted a separate report. The second was the appointments of Councillors to selected Committees and Boards – Thomson amended to replace Councillor Kungl with Councillor Hamilton on the County's Human Services Committee, and with Mayor Nuttall on the Affordable Housing Committee.

This was a super-fast meeting, getting out at 7:55pm!

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