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Disrupting False Information and Logical Fallacies For Good

Contributing member Jennifer van Gennip has pulled together some great resources for both recognizing misinformation and dealing with it, over on her "Disrupt for Good" blog. A very helpful read, especially as we're working to correct misinformation about the recent "homelessness" motion and bylaws – go pay her blog a visit!

Jennifer van Gennip, contributing member:

Whether it is the so-called dangers of paying people to donate their plasma, the emotional responses to Policy 713 in New Brunswick, or the recent anti-homelessness bylaw shenanigans in Barrie, my inbox, newsfeed, and conversations in the last month have been especially ripe pickings for examples of misinformation, disinformation, and logical fallacies, personally and professionally.

I’ve pulled together a few resources to help us spot misinformation, disinformation, and the most common logical fallacies, along with some tips on effective responses to them to help disrupt harmful arguments and campaigns. This includes, providing three tips and how-tos when you encounter disinformation in the wild: ask a question, correct it, and debunk it.

[Editor's Note: We've clarified some of the misinformation being stated in Council about the "homelessness" motion and bylaw here, and continue to work on a more full and detailed "fact check" page about the motions and proposed Bills.]


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