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General Committee, Monday, January 10, 2022, 7pm

Updated: Jan 5

Featuring the Final Report of the Housing Affordability Task Force, and naming rights for the Holly Community Centre.

🏘💵 Housing Affordability Task Force Update

🏫🏊 Holly Community Centre Naming Rights

  • Staff Report:

  • To rename the Holly Community Centre to the Peggy Hill Team Community Centre, for a period of 8 years, and payment of $80,000 per year

  • N.Harris declared conflict and removed herself from the discussion and vote

  • Amendment by J.Harris, CARRIED unanimously

    • That the Heritage Barrie Committee be consulted on the development of an installation at the Community Centre to showcase the history of the Holly Community

  • Motion as amended CARRIED (FOR: Riepma, Kungl, Ward, Thomson, Harvey, J.Harris, Morales, McCann; AGAINST: Aylwin)

⛸🏒 Ice Allocation Policy

💰🚑 Invitation To Present – County of Simcoe

  • CARRIED on consent

  • Sponsor: Kungl

  • Invite the County to give a presentation to Finance & Corporate Services Committee, giving an overview of the services provided by the County, the role of other levels of government, any legislative context for the services, how the services are funded by the Province and the Agreement parties, and a discussion of the future related to these services and funding

🧓🏥 Review Options for Delivery of Long Term Care Facilities

  • CARRIED on consent

  • Sponsor: Ward

  • Ask staff to review options available for the delivery of Long Term Care facilities for Barrie

🏘💵 Housing Affordability Task Force

  • Sponsor: Kungl, on behalf of the Housing Affordability Task Force

  • Final Report:

  • To support in principle the Task Force's recommendations

  • Ask staff to report back with intended timelines and resource requests associated with implementing these recommendations.

  • Authorize the Development Services Department to apply to the Federal Housing Accelerator Fund or similar opportunities for a grant to support these recommendations

  • Create a dedicated position to expand and oversee all housing affordability initiatives.

  • Have an in camera Council meeting to discuss the recommendation to allocate funding from the Community Benefit Reserve to a new Supportive Housing Fund, and discuss potential supportive housing projects

  • Ask the County to examine the potential for increased density for the proposed SCHC project at the former OPP Station site (Rose St. / Highway 400)

  • Amendment by N.Harris, CARRIED unanimously

    • A $20,000 grant by the City to the John Howard Society to fund an overnight warming centre, with a request that the County match the funding

    • There was resistance by Thomson regarding liability – the solution finally reached was that the City provide the money to the John Howard Society via the County

  • Amendment by Aylwin, CARRIED (FOR: Riepma, Aylwin, Kungl, Ward, N.Harris, Harvey, J.Harris, Morales, McCann, Lehman; AGAINST: Thomson)

    • Reducing the threshold for the City opening up a warming centre to when the wind chill reaches -20C (as opposed to current -30C)

  • Motion as amended, CARRIED unanimously

🧑‍🍳🧾 Reinstating Program for Residents Supporting Local Restaurants – Parking Tickets

  • CARRIED on consent

  • Sponsor: Harvey

  • To reinstate the program, whereby people who have received a parking ticket may have it waived if they can show a receipt from a local restaurant.



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