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General Committee (Part 1) – Monday, Jan.24, 2022, 5pm (in camera)

Updated: Jan 5

Agenda items are all confidential, so the public is not likely to be able to see any of this meeting live.

Watch Online: link not provided

🤫🏘 Confidential Potential Acquisition of Property Matter – Housing Affordability Task Force

  • Presentation & Staff Report (Confidential)

  • recommended to defer to a future General Committee

🤫🎣 Confidential Potential Disposition of Property Matter – Little Lake

  • Presentation (Confidential)

  • Recommendations re: Barrie Area Native Advisory Council (BANAC) - Indigenous Health Centre

    • That City Council express its support for the Barrie Area Native Advisory Council's proposed new Indigenous Health Centre in the Barrie area, and the Mayor provide letters of support for grant applications for the Health Centre

    • That staff in Development Services and Legal Services work with BANAC on options to use City-owned lands, and report back to General Committee

🤫🏢 Confidential Potential Disposition of Property Matter – Sale of H-Block to YMCA

  • Staff Report (Confidential)

  • Recommendations:

    • That the "Subject Property" be declared surplus, for the sole purpose of negotiating an Agreement of Purchase and Sale with the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka

    • That staff negotiate and Agreement of Purchase and Sale and report back to Council for approval

    • That the YMCA be asked to investigate incorporating space for a warming centre that would be operated between December and March, and could also be used as a community engagement room or other preferred use during the rest of the year.



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