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Happy Anniversary!

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

We are a day late, but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!

It was two years ago (yesterday) that a group of concerned citizens showed up at City Hall, and were dismissed as "the biased public" by a certain Councillor. And A MOVEMENT WAS BORN!

It took a few more months to decide on a name for this particular "baby", or how to furnish the nursery, but that was the night that the first intake of air and resulting screaming took place. (How much can we stretch this metaphor? Don't challenge us – we've just told you what happened the first time we were challenged... )

We had really been hoping we'd be able to have some in-person anniversary celebrations, but we hope you'll accept a raincheque for the fall, when we can get more than 10 at a time into an outdoor meeting space. (!) Stay tuned, and stay strong – we will be able to Engage in person again soon Soon SOON!!!



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