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Planning Committee – Tuesday, June 14, 2022, 7pm

Updated: Jan 6

Three Public Meetings, for two developments in Ward 2, and one in Ward 7.

The Public Meetings are now being held in person OR by electronic participation.

If you wish to provide oral comments electronically, please register in advance by emailing: or calling 705-739-4220 x5500 during regular office hours prior to Tuesday, June 14 at 7:00 p.m.

Once you register, you will be provided information from the Legislative Services Branch on how to make your submission at the Virtual Public Meeting with electronic participation. To participate in the Virtual Planning Meeting, you will need access to a computer with internet service or a telephone.

If you decide to speak after the meeting has started, you need to email or call 705-797-5353.

ABSENT: N.Harris, McCann

🗣🏢 Public Meeting – 219 and 223 Bayfield Street (Ward 2)

🗣🏢 Public Meeting – 17 Sophia St. E, 3-11 McDonald St., 58-60 Clapperton St. (Ward 2)

🗣🏬🏘 Public Meeting – 15 Harvie Road (Ward 7)

  • Application for Official Plan Amendment, Zoning Bylaw Amendment, and Draft Plan of Subdivision

  • Proposal to permit the development of almost 12 hectares of commercial and light industrial uses along Highway 400 to the east of the Bryne Drive extension, and the potential for 248 residential units in the form of semi-detached, townhouses and mid-rise apartments to the west of the Bryne Drive extension

  • Application submitted by SmartCentres on behalf of Barrie-Bryne Developments Ltd.

  • Seeking to change OP designation from "General Industrial" and "General Commercial" to "General Commercial", "Residential", "Open Space" and "Environmental Protection"

  • Seeking to rezone from "General Commercial" (C4) and "Light Industrial" (LI) to "General Commercial with Special Provisions" (C4,SP-XXX), "Residential Multiple Dwelling Second Density with Special Provisions" (RM2-SP-XXX), Residential Apartment Dwelling First Densitiy with Special Provisions" (RA 1-3, SP-XXX), "Open Space" (OS), and "Environmental Protection Area" (EP)

    • Special Provisions for residential uses include:

      • alternate standards for setbacks, gross floor area, lot coverage

      • permissions for adding back-to-back townhouse units as a built form

    • Special Provisions for commercial zone include:

      • adding additional uses such as manufacturing, self-storage and warehousing

  • Draft Plan of Subdivision to further divide the lands as follows:

    • Low Density Residential - Semi-Detached and Townhouses (248 Units) - blocks 1-57, 4.957 hectares

    • Mid-Rise Residential – blocks 58-59, 3.351 hectares

    • Employment - blocks 60-67, 11.992 hectares

    • Park and Open Space - blocks 68-71, 4.612 hectares

    • Stormwater Management - blocks 72-73, 1.742 hectares

    • Road Widening - block 74, 2.074 hectares

    • Hydro Corridor - blocks 75-77, 0.944 hectares



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