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Planning Committee – Tuesday, June 7, 2022, 7pm

Updated: Jan 6

Three Public Meetings, for developments in Ward 4, Ward 9 and Ward 2. Also changes to the Subdivision Extension Policy, and Zoning Bylaw Amendments for 520 & 526 Big Bay Point (Ward 8) and 157 Ardagh (Ward 6)

The Public Meetings are now being held in person OR by electronic participation.

If you wish to provide oral comments electronically, please register in advance by emailing: or calling 705-739-4220 Ext. 5500 during regular office hours prior to Tuesday, June 7 at 7:00 p.m.

Once you register, you will be provided information from the Legislative Services Branch on how to make your submission at the Virtual Public Meeting with electronic participation. To participate in the Virtual Planning Meeting, you will need access to a computer with internet service or a telephone.

If you decide to speak after the meeting has started, you need to email or call 705-797-5353.

ABSENT: N.Harris LATE: J.Harris

🗣🏬 Public Meeting – 320 Bayfield St. (Ward 4)

🗣🏬 Public Meeting – 651-673 Mapleview Drive East (Ward 9)

🗣🏢 Public Meeting – 19 Dundonald Street (Ward 2)

⏳🏗 Draft Plan of Subdivision Extension Policy

  • Approved on consent

  • Staff Report:

  • Permit 1- to 3-year draft plan extension requests, and extension requests beyond 6-years must be supported by detailed justification related to the status of matters such as servicing, transportation, environmental matters, and land conveyances. This will assist the City and the development community by removing an administrative burden in applying, processing and reviewing extensions on a yearly basis, while that time could be used to work on clearing the conditions of approval to allow for registration.

  • This change to come into effect for extension applications received after June 30, 2022

🏢✍️ Zoning Bylaw Amendment – 520 & 526 Big Bay Point Road (Ward 8)

  • Held for Ward Councillor (J.Harris) who was late for meeting

  • Staff Report:

  • Approve the rezoning from Residential Single Detached Dwelling First Density (R1) to Residential Apartment Dwelling First Density - 2 with Special Provisions (RA1-2, SP-XXX)

  • Special Provisions to include:

    • Parking spaces per residential unit reduced from 1.5 to 1.24

    • Front Yard Setback reduced from 7m to 6m

    • Landscaped Open Space reduced from 35% to 26.1%

    • Maximum Gross Floor Area increased from 100% to 135%

    • Maximum Building Height increased from 15m to 16.85m

    • Maximum Parking Lot Coverage increased from 35% to 45%

    • Apartment Balcony Projection increased from 1.5m to 2.2m

    • Landscaped Buffer Area for parking area reduced from 3m to 0.5m

  • APPROVED unanimously by all in attendance

🏢✍️ Zoning Bylaw Amendment – 157 Ardagh Road (Ward 6)



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