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RALLY and SILENT PROTEST: Stop the War on the Poor!

Our colleagues at the Barrie Housing and Homelessness Justice Network are hosting this event, Wednesday (June 21, 6:30pm) before and during the Council meeting where Bills 67 & 68 are likely to be passed, thus making it illegal to offer anyone food, water, shelter from the elements, or any other necessities of life in public spaces.

EBO's and others' responses and calls to action are available (and we will keep adding as we can) on our blog at

The release below is from BHHJN.

Their Facebook Event page is at


RALLY and SILENT PROTEST: Stop the War on the Poor!

When: Wednesday, June 21, 6:30pm

Where: Barrie City Hall, 70 Collier Street

Barrie City Council recently unanimously passed a "Motion Without Notice" that will have far reaching harmful impact on not only our most disenfranchised citizens, but even people and agencies who try to help out.

Parts of that undemocratically introduced motion are now in Bills 67 and 68 to be passed into by-laws this Wednesday! These by-laws, which will take effect immediately, would see individuals helping folx getting up to $5000 fines, and would see agencies that do outreach slapped with up to $100,000 fines per offence!

If you've ever tossed some change to someone panhandling, bought an unhoused person a meal, or given someone water on a hot day, that means you!

Join us at this rally and silent protest on June 21st outside City Hall to let council know that the actions in this motion are harmful, and using a loophole to skip around our democratic process is unacceptable!



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