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Ranked Ballots – CELEBRATE!!!!!

Tonight, City Council voted unanimously to hold a referendum on Ranked Ballots during the 2022 Municipal Election (meaning whether to start in 2026). In other words: LETTING THE PEOPLE CHOOSE!

(Honestly, we were a little worried the whole issue would get shelved – this is a better outcome than was expected.)

Thank you to everyone who spoke to your Councillor this past week – you helped move several from "I'm not convinced it's a good idea" to "let's let the public have a say."

THIS IS WHY ENGAGE BARRIE CAME TOGETHER – to help raise the voices of the public, get us all more engaged in how our city is run, and make sure that Councillors are paying attention to what the public wants.

Thank you for being a part of it all.

Now for a toast and wee nap – there's still lots more to do, but tonight, let's celebrate the fact that the voices of the people were heard in Barrie!



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