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Staff Memo re: Election-related matters

Hi everyone! There’s a Staff Memo re: election-related matters on today’s Circulation list that may be of interest to many, especially considering all the work done last year on Ranked Ballot Elections. But also for anyone considering running (or nominating someone to run) in the 2022 election.

To summarize:

  1. Recommendation to NOT undergo a Ward Boundary Review before the 2022 election.

  2. Changes in election deadlines:

    1. Nominations must be submitted by the 4th Friday in August (previously a month earlier)

    2. Election Procedures must be made available to the public by June 1 in the year of the election (previously half a year earlier)

    3. Passing a bylaw authorizing use of alternative voting equipment or method is now May 1 in the year of an election (previously a year earlier)

  3. Ranked Ballot Question (this one’s a heartbreaker)

    1. As the Province has revoked municipalities’ rights to choose ranked ballot elections, this will no longer be a question on the 2022 election ballot.

  4. Internet and Telephone-Based Voting in 2022

    1. This was brought in for the Ward Three By-election, and received overall positive feedback, so will be the method used for the 2022 Municipal Election

    2. For those who require help with this system, Voter Assistance Centres will be provided for in-person assistance.



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