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Ready to Run: Women in Politics – Thursday, August 11

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Our friends at the Women's Advocacy Council have just announced this event for women looking to run in the municipal election.

Quick Details

Date: Thursday, August 11, 4-8pm

Location: Sandbox Barrie

24 Maple Avenue, 2nd Floor, Barrie, L4M 7W4

Cost: FREE!

Tickets: Must register in advance via Eventbrite

This one-day event dives into confidence, resilience and communication as we strengthen your platform.

About This Event

The campaign trail is a fast-paced march that can be confusing and overwhelming. As soon as an individual declares their candidacy, the voters expect them to have an answer and an opinion for every issue. It is critical to take a breath and put in the time developing a comprehensive personal platform—then practice communicating it with clarity and conviction.

“I believe everyone who approaches the challenge of politics deserves all of the support and advantages they can resource,” Cher states.

“Campaign preparation is not about becoming a great public speaker—it is about becoming deliberate and proactive in your communications,” she continues. “Nobody is a natural! And it is not wise to wing it and hope for the best; that just increases your stress and reduces your impact. It is possible to be prepared and understand how to work with journalists to create a win-win-win. You get to share your position, the journalist gets a good story, and together you build public understanding of your platform. Using the mindset and communication tools of the elite, you can very deliberately uncover and then add impact to your authentic message.”

This one-day event dives into confidence, resilience and communication as we strengthen your platform, your canvassing script, and prep for meet and greets and interviews. At the same time, meet and give and gain support with other women in local leadership.

Bring your workbook with as much completed as possible and feel free to register and bring one of your campaign team members.

About the Facilitator

Cher Cunningham is a leadership confidence coach working with dynamic community leaders and emerging mindful entrepreneurs to push aside their barriers and limits to see and achieve their brilliant, purpose-driven vision. Cher is a board designated Master Results Coach, NLP Trainer and Hypnotist. She has been a Town Councillor, website designer, online marketing consultant, college teacher, Toastmaster, TV host, and business coach.

Cher’s unique ability is to listen to the deeper and more authentic message beneath the doubt and fear in her clients – identifying stuck emotions, broken strategies and false limits as well as uncovering the vision that sparks motivation & flow in their hearts and minds. Then, using techniques from the latest in neuroscience and mind-body modalities, creating breakthrough paradigm shifts in their mindset before engineering a program to achieve that purpose-filled vision. Cher’s ongoing coaching facilitates vision and accountability while clearing out the road blocks that try to crop up in the “real world”.

Cher’s key message — that each of us has a powerful leadership role to play in our community – is shared in programs that provide the welcoming space and possibility thinking that uncover that bigger, more authentic you. She fervently believes that every excuse or issue hides an opportunity to grow and discover amazing resources within. For that to happen, Cher teaches her students and clients that we are all born with passion, joy, connection and confidence – and that anything “not that” is just a symptom of an inner struggle that can be cleared away.

Cher attracts heart-centered entrepreneurs and leaders filled with emotion, empathy and generosity – whose lack of boundaries is destroying them. She teaches you to fight self-doubt, become infinitely more confident, believe in yourself, value your unique brilliance, and get out of your comfort zone so you succeed at a much bigger level. All so you can express the fullest, most authentic version of yourself.



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