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Ryan's Hope Breakfast-To-Go Moves Indoors!

Updated: Jul 17

Editor's Note: We are not certain why Christine's name & photo don't appear properly in the "byline" for some – a technical issue we are attempting to fix. The Breakfast-To-Go program is not Engage's "Ours", it's of course Christine's and Ryan's Hope's!

Christine Nayler, contributing member:

We have an exciting announcement to make- Our Breakfast-To-Go program is moving inside as of January 23rd!

We will be moving down the street and into the hall at Trinity Anglican Church, 24 Collier Street.

Breakfast will continue to be served 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 8:00-9:00 am.

Access to the program will be through the wheelchair accessible entrance on the side of the building. Ramp is accessible from Collier Street.

This such wonderful news, for all of our dedicated volunteers who have been serving outside regardless of weather for the past 2 years.

This is such a beautiful blessing for our friends, to be welcomed inside, and be able sit and share a coffee and conversation and be in community with their neighbors and friends.

So much gratitude to our friends at Trinity Anglican Church for their loving hospitality of opening their doors to us.

And heartfelt thanks to our friends at Collier United Church for providing space for us to be in community on their beautiful property. This is such a lovely welcoming space for us to come together during the warmer months. Thank you.

Please share widely so our friends that rely on us for their morning meal know where we have gone to.


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