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Who's Running, Who's Winning?

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

With four candidates slipping in before the 2pm deadline, the nominations period for Election 2022 is now closed, as is our "If you don't run, who wins?" campaign. Thank you to everyone who put their name forward – we know these decisions aren't made lightly. Best wishes to all for a productive campaign.

While it's still unofficial until all candidates are certified, the full list of nominees is at Once finalized, we will be putting together a profile for each candidate.

With seven mayoral candidates, thirty-seven ward councillor candidates, and twenty-three school trustee candidates bringing their ideas and experience to the table, we're all winners!

Unfortunately, the residents of Wards 5 and 7, and those who support the French Catholic school board will be missing out on some of the democratic process, as their incumbents were acclaimed. But that's not the end of the conversation: get in touch with them, both now and after the election, to tell them what you liked and didn't like about their work this term, and what you'd like to see from them in the coming term. They won't know what their constituents think or want unless you tell them!

The big winners are the residents of Ward 4, with a whopping EIGHT candidates to choose from! Ward 2 is next, with six candidates, followed by Ward 6 with five candidates. Those who support the Simcoe County District School Board in SCDSB Ward 3 (Wards 7-10 of the City) have seven candidates to choose from.

What Can You Do Now?

Engage with your Candidates (even if they've been acclaimed!)

  • Learn about their ideas, and what they feel they have to offer

  • Speak up about the issues important to you

  • Talk to candidates about what you'd like to see happen in the next term (don't forget to keep talking to them after the election, too!)

  • If you find a candidate you feel would best represent you and your community, volunteer to join their campaign team – whether stuffing envelopes, going door-knocking, maintaining their website, or bringing them dinner, there's much you can help with, and it will be greatly appreciated!

Engage with your Community

  • Encourage people to vote!

  • Talk to your neighbours about issues that are affecting your community

  • Attend debates and all-candidates meetings – ours and other organizations' (we'll be putting dates together for ours soon)

Engage with Engage

  • Continue to follow our Elections Pages, to learn more about the candidates, issues we're following, and how and where to cast your vote

  • Come see us at Open Air Dunlop on August 20 and September 10 – learn how we're going to keep Barrie informed and engaged during election season, and let us know what local issues mean the most to you

  • Volunteer with us

    • assist with one or more of the (many) all-candidates meetings we'll be hosting

    • write a post about an issue affecting your community

    • help us fundraise for the extra expenses that come with election season

    • start a new committee under our "umbrella" on an issue you're passionate about

    • join our Accountability Committee and help us keep track of Council votes and decisions

    • any number of things we forgot to add to this list!

The nominations period has ended, but there are two more months of election season, and you can be engaged in democracy every day of every year!



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