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Workplace Harassment - City Response re: corrective actions undertaken

We have received a reply from the City regarding our questions from February 28.

210331-City Correspondence - Engage Barrie
Download PDF • 31KB

210331-Memo - Response to Engage Barrie's Correspondence
Download PDF • 1.01MB

In Short:

"It is staff’s understanding that the Respondent has scheduled the training in paragraph (a), based on program timing. The Respondent has stated that they will strictly comply with the City’s Staff Council Relations Policy noted in paragraph (b). In terms of paragraph (c), City staff would not be aware of whether a written apology had been provided to the Complainant, if requested or if one had been provided to individual members of Council."

i.e., the training has been booked, but not yet completed

"Staff have been working on updating Corporate Policies and Procedures since October 2020, but were waiting to finalize them to ensure that any recommendations from Aird Berlis would be incorporated. The updated City policies and procedures and the Code of Conduct will be addressed together with other actions that have been undertaken as a result of the workplace investigation in a report from the Chief Administrative Officer to be presented to General Committee at a future meeting."


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