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Bus Changes

Contributing Member Randy Greengrass expresses some of the frustrations we've been hearing from other residents about the City's new Transit on Demand system.

EBO note: Some good news: there's a partnership brewing with a new organization dedicated to Public Transit in Barrie, and advocating for all riders. If you are interested in getting involved, we're happy to make introductions. Just drop us a line at


by Randy Greengrass:

To the city of Barrie: what's with replacing a lot of bus stops/ routes with the on-demand transit that requires an app / cellphone connection to use?

I had to quit my volunteer job because I can't get there (and I can't know for sure how long I'll be). Not everyone has a cell with reliable service.

I realize I can arrange a trip through a landline, but that's not very reasonable.  For example: all someone has to do is know exactly how long they'll be out, and hope they don't miss their scheduled time, excellent. Good job! (sarcasm intended), and what about the Blake and Johnson area? A lot of seniors and students around there need the service,  what about visually impaired residents of Barrie?

There's hardly any notice or information either, it's the end of April and the changes take place in June, the only notice is a sign tacked on to the bus stop poles, and the employees at the transit terminal don't know much about it, there was more notice given about garbage collection (even a social media ads), why can't you put the same effort into spreading awareness about transit changes?

I am very disappointed and disturbed with every decision the city is making, you don't consider who it might affect,  I'm aware you can't make everyone happy but you should make the effort to minimize the inconvenience to people.


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