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Concerned about the new homelessness bylaws? Contact your Councillor here

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

We've made it easy for you, with an email template you can customize and send!

The bylaws directed by City Council's controversial Motion Without Notice addressing Barrie's homeless population are set to be approved in the coming weeks, before Council's summer break, and before any opportunity for formal public feedback.

Many of our members, partners and colleagues have been upset by this motion, and looking for help in getting their ideas across – so we've created this letter template to help get you started! Please feel free to personalize it as you see fit.

HINT: if you are going to personalize it, make sure you change the subject field and something at the top – otherwise your additions may not get read, if they think it's just the same letter they've already received.) And don't forget to add your name at the bottom!

Click on your Ward Councillor's name below, and your email program should open up with our letter template, addressed to your Councillor and the Mayor's Office. Don't know what Ward you live in? Check the city's interactive map to find out!

We've tried to keep the template short and to-the-point, but you may want to review EBO's response to the motion for more details to help with your personalization.


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