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Council Follow-up, week of June 27, 2022

Updated: Jan 6

A mysterious park enhancement opportunity. Ratifying the tentative settlement for CUPE negotiations. Finding alternatives for when the hotel model of emergency shelter is discontinued, as well as finding a more permanent solution. Bringing transit levels back in time for September. And School's Out For Summer!

(Of note to Engagers: correspondence from the Busby Centre, Ontario Alliance to End Homelessness, as well as from Redwood Park Communities, each concerning shelter needs in reference to the closure of the hotel-model shelter. Also a memo – confidential – about legal matters regarding Encampments.)

General Committee #1

Watch Again: no link provided

Authorizing the CAO to negotiate with an unnamed national charity, regarding a potential gift-in-kind of a park enhancement.

Ratifying the tentative settlement reached with CUPE Local 2380, align non-union employee wage increases with those for CUPE employees, and execute Letters of Understanding and Letters of Intent with CUPE to address matters such as legislative changes, additions or deletions to job classifications, changes resulting from the resolution of a grievance or a complaint, etc.

General Committee #2

The main focus of this meeting was Aylwin & N.Harris's item regarding Encampments. Which, unfortunately, resulted in lots of shameful posturing, as well as blatant partisanship. Lehman finally halted the spiralling blame-game, but not until lots of disrespect was thrown around at the people on the ground actually doing the work – but who have been blocked from being given a seat at the table so far.

In the end, it was agreed that all 4 levels of government would be asked to bring something to the table, as far as taking care of those about to lose shelter once the hotel voucher program ends, with up to $400,000 being offered from the City to address those with highest vulnerability. The City also called upon the County to set up a meeting with all stakeholders, including all 4 levels of government, to establish a more permanent solution. Unfortunately, the paragraph directing that a protocol be developed to make encampment eviction only a last resort was rejected, as was the original directive to uphold the 8 principles outlined in the National Protocol on Homeless Encampments in Canada.

The other discussed item of interest, Ontario Build It Right, was defeated (narrowly), which was curious, as it did not involve any extra expenditure for any stakeholders. It was simply asking the province to be a bit more ambitious in the energy efficiency tiers of the Tiered National Model Building Code, and provide authority to Municipalities to require better energy efficiency in new builds (which, again, Municipalities could use or ignore, as they wished). So apparently the majority of Council is against encouraging energy efficiency, and more autonomy for Municipalities? 🤷

City Council

After a short break, Council was back in session, starting about 10:20. All that had been discussed at the previous meeting was quickly and easily approved, save for the "Ontario Build It Right" item, which had been defeated at General Committee. The vote at City Council was simply to receive the details of the vote at GC, but receiving it was voted down – perhaps as some form of protest, but it was truly unclear.

This being the last Council before summer break (and the "lame duck" period after election nominations close), there were two Direction Motions Without Notice. The one that was music to our ears was put forward by Aylwin and approved unanimously – Barrie Transit routes 2, 3, 4 and 7 will be returning to their pre-pandemic 30-minute service level (late August or early September), funded by the Provincial Gas Tax Reserve.

The Invest Barrie Update (the reduntant report McCann demanded a while ago) was deferred to September, as it was 11pm with much still to do.

Downtown Barrie BIA

Minutes: not available

Watch Again: not available

Agenda: not provided

Another exercise in lack of transparency and accountability. Without knowing what motions they're discussing and voting on, no Agenda and no Minutes provided to members, we're all left in the dark yet again. May the new Board do better at serving and informing their members.

Seniors Advisory Committee

Presentations regarding Specialized Transit, Reducing Senior Isolation, and the Ontario Caregiver Organization.


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