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General Committee – Monday, September 12, 2022, 7pm

Updated: Jan 5

Council is back from summer break. Now that we're in the "lame duck" period of the upcoming municipal election, all items are staff reports, Councillors cannot bring new items to the table.

ABSENT: Aylwin

🤐🧑‍⚖️ Confidential Litigation Matter: Zoning Bylaw Amendment Application - Essa Road

  • APPROVED on consent

  • Staff Report (this discussion will be held "in camera", not open to the public)

🚫🚗 Cuthbert Street No Parking Any Time (Ward 6)

🤝🏭 Surplussing City Lands for Inclusion in Industrial Development Proposal (140 Lockhart Road - Ward 8)

🧑‍💻📊 Business Plan Status as of June 30, 2022

⏳💰 Owen Street – Development Charges Deferral Request (Ward 2)

  • HELD by Thomson

  • Staff is recommending to receive the request for information purposes – but because the request doesn't meet the requirements of the current legislation, the request not be approved

  • AMENDMENT by Thomson:

    • That staff enter into an agreement with Junction Group on behalf of their client, Traditional Senior Housing, to defer the portion of development charges related to the purpose rental units, excluding the owned units, with payment in full at occupancy, interest free for one year, and thereafter adding interest at the City's five-year moving average weighted cost on capital, contingent on the developer applying for the building permit within 120 days of this agreement.

    • APPROVED [FOR: Riepma, Kungl, Ward, Thomson, N.Harris, J.Harris, Morales, McCann, Lehman; AGAINST: Harvey]

  • There was no vote held on the motion as amended, which is unusual procedure.

🌳💰 Parkland – Alternative Rates

✍️🤫 Delegated Authority to Execute Non-Disclosure Agreements

📜🛣 Expropriation – Mapleview Drive East Road Expansion, East of Yonge to Prince William (Wards 9 & 10)

📜🛣 Expropriation – Huronia Road Improvements, Lockhart Road to South of McKay Road East (Wards 8 & 9)

🤐🧑‍⚖️ Confidential Litigation Matter – Ontario Land Tribunal Appeal – Mapleview Drive

  • HELD by Harvey

  • Staff Report (this discussion will be held "in camera", not open to the public)

  • MOTION by Ward:

    • 1. That staff be directed to implement the steps outlined in Appendix A to Confidential Staff Report LGL004-22, and should the application be resolved, that the Mayor and City Clerk be authorized to execute any documents that may be requisite, and 2. That the Staff Report be made public after Council approval

    • CARRIED [FOR: Riepma, Kungl, Ward, Thomson, J.Harris, Morales, McCann; AGAINST: N.Harris, Harvey]



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