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General Committee – Wednesday, December 7, 2022, 7pm

Updated: Jan 5

An overview / primer on Corporate Asset Management. Some changes to the City's Procedural Bylaw. And the new Board of the BIA.

Engage's Follow-Up: coming soon!


🛣🚰 Corporate Asset Management

📑🗂 Staff Reports

🚫🅿️ Country Lane No Parking Anytime (Ward 9)

🛣🚧 Expropriation – Yonge Street Row Expansion, Mapleview to Lockhart (Ward 9)

📜💼 Procedural Bylaw Changes

  • HELD by Harvey (although Hamilton also wished to hold!)

  • Staff Report:

  • Recommending the following changes to the City's Procedural Bylaw:

    • formalizing matters related to Items for Discussion, including the timelines for submission of items by Council, consideration of the items at Reference Committees, and addressing items that may be urgent in nature

    • individuals must store their cell phones with the Clerk while attending in camera sessions

  • AMENDMENT by Harvey to delete paragraph b) and replace it with: That during in camera sessions, members of Council shall not message, email, or communicate by electronic means or use any device that records audio and/or video with anyone unless explicitly permitted by the Mayor and/or Clerk at the time.

    • CARRIED unanimously

  • AMENDMENT by Thomson to add paragraph c): That all Items for Discussion that are ratified by City Council be listed on the City's website.

    • CARRIED unanimously

  • MOTION as amended CARRIED unanimously

🏷🏗 Surplussing of City Owned Property – 145 Loon Avenue (Ward 9)

Items of Discussion

💰🎁 Community Donation – Honeyfield Communities Inc.

  • Approved on Consent

  • Sponsor: Morales

  • That the $5,000 Ward 9 Community Donation from Honeyfield Communities be allocated to the Downtown Barrie BIA for the costs associated with their programming letters

📄🔥 Pending List Update

  • Approved on Consent

  • Sponsor: Thomson

  • Delete outstanding items from the previous terms of Council on the Pending List

👥👥 Downtown Barrie Business Association (BIA) Board of Directors Appointments

  • Approved on Consent

  • Sponsor: Nixon

  • BIA Board Motion Record:

  • Appoint the following to the Board of Directors of the Downtown Barrie Business Association (BIA) for the 2023-2026 term:

    • Heather Kennedy (Shop Blueberry Moon)

    • Steve Ricalis (Donaleighs Irish Pub)

    • Chantal Martin (Nook Yoga)

    • Alison Oakes (Oh Beehive)

    • Christina Mancuso (nominee of The Wired Owl Coffee Shop)

    • Jaclyn Stergiadis (Bohemia)

    • Chris Gerrard (The Queens Hotels)

✍️📩 Circulation List

📜💸 Allandale Neighbourhood Association correspondence regarding Bill 23

  • Put forward by Thomson

  • To refer this correspondence to the Affordability Committee or the appropriate Reference Committee once established for consideration and discussion.



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