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General Committee – Wednesday, January 25, 7pm

Updated: Feb 28

A light agenda this week – reconsidering the appointments to the Committee of Adjustment, land use agreements with Debut Waterfront Residences, and land expropriation for the McKay Road Row Expansion and Veteran's Drive New Trunk Watermain.

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Deferred Business

🤐👥 Appointments to Committee of Adjustment

  • These appointments were referred by Council on January 18, for further review and consideration

  • HELD by Morales

  • (the discussion for this item went in camera)

  • MOTION: That Andrea Butcher-Milne, Jay Dolan, Graydon Ebert, Carol Phillips, and Stephen Trotter be appointed to the Committee of Adjustment for a term ending November 14, 2026

  • MOTION CARRIED [votes not recorded]

Staff Reports

📑💰 2022 Streamline Development Approval Fund

🏢🤝 Limiting Distance and Encroachment Agreements with Debut Waterfront Residences

  1. Authorize the Director of Legal Services to negotiate and register these agreements with Debut Waterfront Residences:

  2. A Limiting Distance Agreement for 24 Maple Street (current Transit Terminal) where no new building or structure may be constructed within 5m of the north property line abutting 55 Dunlop St. W.

  3. Encroachment Agreements to facilitate canopies over the entrances to the site (which encroach on City-owned land)

  4. In return, Debut Waterfront Residences shall pay:

  5. $10,000 to the city as compensation, as well as an administration fee of $600 to cover staff time

  6. Standard encroachment application fee of $525 and annual encroachment fees of $68.25 for each encroachment

  7. City's costs for preparing reference plans

  8. Insurance for any encroachments over City property

  9. Authorize Mayor and City Clerk to execute the Limiting Distance Agreement, and the Chief Building Official to execute the Limiting Distance Agreement

  10. Authorize Mayor and City Clerk to execute the Encroachment Agreements

🧑‍⚖️🫴 Ontario Land Tribunal Report – Acquisition of 922 Veteran's Drive to facilitate McKay Road Row Expansion and Veteran's Drive New Trunk Watermain (Ward 7)