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Welcome, Rob Romanek!

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

It’s time for us to spill some GOOD news!!!

Engage Barrie Organization is excited to announce that long-time member Rob Romanek has joined our Board of Directors!

Rob has been involved with Engage since it was just a glimmer in a bunch of grassroots eyes, and has been an active Contributing Member since 2019.

Rob not only put together our first website, he was instrumental in our Ward 3 All-Candidates Meeting, our Ranked Ballots Election Campaign, and much more! The pandemic pulled him away from us temporarily, as his work life got a little overwhelming, but we're thrilled that he's able to take on a more active role again – especially as we head into a municipal election!

The rest of the Board has now taught him the secret handshake and the words and choreography to our theme song, so he's officially in, and ready to Engage.

Please join Alyssa, Paige, Kenzie and Myrna in welcoming him to the team and expressing our gratitude for his dedication and support!

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